Blaupunkt PW5200i 1800W Induction Pressure Washer

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A high quality, great value Induction pressure washer.

  • 1.8KW AC Electric Copper Motor
  • 135 bar Max Pressure
  • 7.2L/min Max Flow Rate
  • Vario Lance and Detergent Gun
  • 6m High Pressure Hose

HIGH PRESSURE WASHER - The ‘i’ series pressure washers are the best in our range and our PW5200i, with its durable AC electric 1.8KW professional brushless Aluminium induction motor delivering 135bar max pressure and a generous 7.2L/min flow rate is an excellent choice. Induction pumps are much more durable than regular copper pumps and allow you to jet wash for extended periods at high pressures - ideal for all, but especially good for commercial use and home users with large areas to clean.

GREAT FEATURES - A long 6 metre high pressure hose means you can work without constantly moving the machine, a telescopic handle makes for easy transport and compact storage, a detergent tank allows you to pre-treat surfaces with a variety of liquids and solutions, thermal cut-out to protect the motor and automatic pump start/stop when you pull/release the trigger.

POWER WASHER FOR PATIOS - Perfect for cleaning the most ground in dirt and algae from patios, decking, paths, block paving, walls, garden furniture and much more thanks to its versatile Vario Nozzle. A simple twist of the tip allows you to adjust the water jet shape from a focused point with high pressures, ideal for the most stubborn dirt - to a wide 60° fan shape with lower pressure for cleaning wide areas fast leaving the surface cleaner than it’s ever been.

CAR AND BIKE JET WASHER - Not only for your patio, the PW5200i is also a great pressure cleaner for your car or motorbike - ideal for washing away dust and flies that accumulate over the summer, or rinsing away corrosive salt from roads in the winter. Perfect too, for quickly cleaning a muddy mountain bike or trial bike after a day off road.

3 YEAR WARRANTY - Your satisfaction is our top priority, Blaupunkt jet washers/pressure washers are covered by our 30-day returns policy and backed by an extended 3 year warranty when you register your product online.