Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt Lamp 3-5kg

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Enjoy the incandescent and natural properties of this unique fire bowl lamp. When lit, our lamp emits a soft, amber glow and creates a soothing and calming effect which can help you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake refreshed. Our fire bowl salt lamp is environmentally friendly. Carved out of Pink Himalayan salt from Pakistan our lamps are believed to have health benefits including:

- Allergies and Asthma
- Deodorise your home
- Prevents coughs
- Reduce electromagnetic radiation
- Increase energy levels
- Improve sleep quality
- Enhances concentration

Caring Instructions

- This product is made from natural and hand carved salt crystals.
- Due to the natural excavation process, the lamp shape, colour, size and weight may vary.
- Be cautious handling the lamp if left on for an extended period of time. The bulb will heat the salt and the surface of the lamp will become very warm.
- When turned on, this lamp will create a relaxing orange glow.